Amazon Colours produces the following types of products:

  • Point-of-sale colourants;
  • In-plant pigment dispersions

All our colourants and pigment dispersions are either low or ultra-low in VOC and all are APEO-free, as well as free from heavy metals, lead and formaldehyde.

Every colourant is tightly controlled to the following specifications:

  • Strength ± 2%
  • DE ≤ 0.5



As a respected and trusted international colourant and pigment dispersion manufacturer, Amazon Colours is always looking to add value to our customers. We make sure that they are able to offer the latest and most cost effective technology to their end markets.

With extensive years of experience in point-of-sale tinting, we provide considerable advantages for our customers:

  • Expert colour team that is on trend with new technology;
  • Extensive experience in building databases;
  • Highly accurate matching;
  • Better, safer and more cost effective ways of tinting paint bases;
  • Colourants that are APEO free, lead free, low or ultra-low VOC, formaldehyde free and heavy metal free;
  • Colourants that have both interior and exterior options;
  • Colourants that work with a large range of tinting machines, software and marketing materials;
  • Choice of full turn-key solutions or partial solutions across the value chain – from colour databases, tinting equipment, colour measuring equipment and marketing tools, to training;

Amazon Colours is ISO 9001:2015 certified and all our raw materials are REACH registered.