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Transparent Oxide

Transparent iron oxides are multi-functional nontoxic pigments that combine a range of color shades with excellent UV absorption, transparency and weathering stability. It is possible by the blending of transparent iron oxide pigments with other pigments to achieve a range of standard wood shades.

When pigments particle size is less than half-wavelength and fully dispersed in mediators, it will come to light’s diffraction with transparent effects, transparent iron oxide pigments with nanometer size are the special material that formed on basis of this principle. Transparent iron retain chemical compositions and crystals of gen iron oxides, so they own excellent chemical stability, resistant to acids, alkali, solvents, water and oil. Transparent iron oxide red can be heat resistant for more than 300 degree Celsius. It’s well known that general grade iron oxides own excellent light fastness, while transparent iron oxides with nanometer size have more strong ultraviolet absorption. So, transparent iron oxides are not only excellent light fastness, but also enhanced anti-aging due to ultraviolet absorption nanometer size transparent iron oxides own high saturation and tinting strength, because they change general grade iron oxides absorbtion and scattering of visible light.

To meet different requirements, we offered transparent iron oxide pigment powders and transparent iron oxide pigment dispersions. They are widely used in wood coatings, automobile coatings, plastic coatings, metal coatings, architectural coatings, artist colors, high temperature glass ink etc.